Killing Fleas

Flea Killers: What Are They

 Fleas are frustrating creatures. They are itchy, gross, irritating, and harmful. What are they anyway? Fleas are long-legged tiny insects that feed on blood. They are usually found in fury animals commonly in dogs and cats. These creatures leave nothing but black spots on your pets and give them allergies. Since fleas are useless and annoying creatures, they should be good as dead. Killing them is easy because there are many ways that can eliminate their existence in your home and in your petís body. These flea killers include natural home remedies and anti-flea medicines.

One of the most popular ways to kill fleas is by using pennyroyal plant. This plant is a member of the mint family that helps keep away fleas. Although this plant can be quite appealing to humans, fleas hate them because of the pleasant smell they emit. The leaves of this plant can be powdered and sprinkled around the house or on places where your pets sleep and relax. It can also be boiled and its extracts can be used to bath your pet. Moreover, when paired with eucalyptus oil, pennyroyal can be place on tube collars to keep fleas away from your precious pet.

If you want an even cheaper way to kill fleas on your pet you can use some natural remedies. Besides the use of pennyroyal plant you can also use cedar and marigold plants. These are excellent flea and insect repellants. You can use the extracts of cedar to bathe your fury pet regularly. Planting marigolds around your home can also be an effective way to rid off fleas. Since fleas are attracted to dry skin, you can feed your dog with any food mixed with Linatone oil. Other than keeping fleas away, Linatone oil can also make your pet dog or catís skin healthier.

There are flea treatments that you can use for your pets. These treatments are usually medications prescribed by your veterinarian. The most commonly used flea control products include sprays, drops, shampoos, pills, injections, and flea collars. Flea sprays work by killing flea eggs in your petís bloodstream. Although it does not work immediately, the wait is worth every penny. Flea collars are other ways to prevent and get rid of fleas. Only a few pet owners use them because the chemicals present in some of these products can also harm humans.

The best flea killers are those products that break the life cycle of fleas on your pet. This is why carefully choosing the kind of flea control product is necessary. When choosing such product, make sure that it not only kills fleas but it can also help repel mosquitoes because mosquitoes are the number one causes of heartworms in dogs. An all-in-one flea control product is a great deal for your pocket.

When trying to kill fleas, cleanliness is the number one influencing factor that can help you achieve a flea-free home. Regularly bathing and grooming your pet dog or cat can help you minimize fleas. Put in mind that prevention is the basic action before achieving total flea elimination.